Carbondale Singer SyrianG Single Body Has An Unique Sound

Fatus Fee
2 min readSep 12, 2023

Although a couple of songs threaten to slow the momentum, the Carbondale artist sounds more defiant than ever on her single Body.

Samaria Gosa, also known as SyrianG is an very talented Singer- Songwriter hailing from Carbondale, Illinois. Her single “ Body” which features rapper Mike killa was released December 30, 2022, but the song is still buzzing around the world with 94,897 streams on Spotify and racking up 207,441 views on YouTube.

The video was released March 10, 2023 in the beginning of spring, which displays the singer dancing in the grass and rooftop standing behind Mike Killa. Director Krazie Filmz did an amazing job capturing her beautiful images, without showing any flaws of the talented artist.

I think SyrianG will make it big, as long as she stays consistent with new music being released on a regular basis.

But it’s the Carbondale spirit she shares with her producer that leads to a crucial, heartstopping duet with Mike Killa. The structure evokes the ’00’s and ’90s R&B style of true collaboration.

The single “ Body “ was played at the NBA Finals in Game 1, while Miami Heats battled it out with the Denver Nuggets.

Press Instagram Link below

She has been performing her hot single Body, none stop this whole summer. You can See some of her Performance via her Instagram page.



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