Chicago Rapper Madam Tammy Retract Copyright Infringement Claims Against Houston Rapper BeatKing

Fatus Fee
3 min readAug 12, 2023

The rap industry, has always been known for artists stealing from smaller artists. But in this situation we are not certain that this was the case with rapper Madam Tammy single “ We Outside “ and rapper BeatKing song “ Outside”.

Did BeatKing Admit To Stealing

Compare the two songs “ We Outside” & “Outside “ for yourself and let us know what you think

On Wednesday August 9, 2023 the viral Houston rapper BeatKing DM Madam Tammy team stating that he never heard of the Chicago born rapper Madam Tammy single “ We Outside “ which has over 800,000 streams in store’s. The single is being played in Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Cleveland, Mississippi, Atlanta and more major cities giving the Madam a light upon her early career.

BeatKing left audio recordings in Madam Tammy Dm, letting her know that the claim had to be an mistake.

After going back in fourth with BeatKing lawyer Derek Deyon, they was able to come to an agreement.

BeatKing album “ She Won’t Want Leave Houston” features mainstream artists like Juicy J , Sukihana and more. His song titled “Outside “ is supposed to be the lead single on this new album, which is the song Madam Tammy made a claim on.

The album is now back in Store’s, also BeatKing was seen sharing Madam Tammy new single “ Ruthless” on his Instagram Stories on Friday.

Madam Tammy also had a Copyright Infringement claim against Chicago female rapper Pretty Liyah single “it’s a throw part 2” which uses the same chant “ We Outside “ as Madam Tammy uses in her song.

Madam Tammy single has been playing in clubs down in Mississippi and other southern states like Memphis, but each artist’s have made strong claims that they have never heard of the song “ We Outside “ by Madam Tammy.

Madam Tammy is seen in image above performing live on stage, at 92.3 FM live stream event Heat Check.

Dj KCEASER is seen doing his thing, while Madam Tammy performs live on stage with him.

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