IRS human face scan will start by Summer 2022

Fatus Fee
1 min readJan 29, 2022

So many scammers around, this face scan will prevent more fraud from happening.

All Americans will soon have to scan their faces to access their Internal Revenue Service tax accounts, one of the government’s biggest expansions yet of facial recognition software into people’s everyday lives. Because the protection is much needed, this simple task will help block all these scammers dream to hack the IRS.

Maybe it will work, but not really sure if this will help hackers or stop them altogether. Taxpayers will still be able to file their returns the old-way. But by this summer, anyone wanting to access their records — about child tax credits, payment plans or tax transcripts — on the IRS website will be required to record a short video of their face with their computer or smartphone and send it to the private contractor ID for access.

The IRS said in a statement that’s services will “create a better user experience” and that it “takes any reports of inequities in service seriously.” Federal records show the Treasury entered into the two-year contract covering software.

Fatus Fee

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