KEN Nasi Hodari Ross & Director Cherie Brown 21 Books 21 Dads At Trinity United Early Learning Center Is Great For The Culture

Fatus Fee
3 min readNov 26, 2022
Ross & Brown posing for picture after first reading.

Chicago has always been one of the main cities for black culture, but now is the time to help ourselves evolve by leading our youth in the right direction.

Ken Nasi Hodari Ross knows exactly what this new black generation needs to succeed, because black and brown children are being forgotten when it comes to early childhood education. Director Cherie Brown executes her plans for the youth on a daily task, giving her kids at Trinity United Early Learning Center located at 532 W. 95th Street an advantage in life. The school has over 6 class rooms with two playgrounds for the children. Ross and Brown new 21 books 21 dads program, helps black dads connect with our future doctors, lawyers and more giving them to see black men in a different light.

Chicago Author Tirenzy “ Bible“ Wilson starts the program as the first dad with his children book “ In The Land of Treah” for 21 books 21 dads, which has been seen all over social media with NBA stars like Gary Payton also comedian D.C Young Fly, Black Panther Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. and more celebrities. But now Dr. Wilson is sharing his vision with the children with Raquel reading the book to the children.

Ross,Brown,Dr. Wilson and Raquel pose for the picture.

“When children are not developmentally ready, they are so behind in every aspect,” said Ross from Trinity United Learning Center. So with this program hopefully we can see more like this program, because the future depends on our youth.

I really think this program can really help children, more importantly the connection with someone who looks like them is even more important.

Flyer for 21 books 21 dads program.

African Americans have a harder time gaining access to a quality early childhood education, often having to rely on a family member instead of a licensed program for childcare like Trinity United Learning Center.

Director Cherie Brown, an early childhood education director, said early childhood education significantly effects the lifelong development of the child. Children left without this step in their education will still develop, but learning may be stagnant without the proper early learning experience.

Dr. Wilson with Raquel showing the kids color pages for BL.

Trinity United Learning Center is dedicated to improving the spaces of early childhood learning thanks to Ross and Brown team work as providers working to give those disadvantaged children access to a better early childhood education.

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